LightDyNAmics Early Stage Researchers

NMR study of interactions between chromophore ligands and G-quadruplexes
Molecular Mechanism/Quantum Mechanism Study on Nucleic Acids Structure and Dynamics
Ultrafast optical spectroscopy of primary photoinduced processes in DNA
Direct and photosensitised damage of non-canonical DNA structures
Simulation of Photo-controlled DNA Binding and Damage
Mechanistic characterization of genome editing nucleases
Analysis of the mutagenicity and repair of light induced lesions
Photodamage and repair of DNA containing epigenetically relevant bases
Analysis of G-quadruplexes and DNA-binding proteins on a chip
Exciton and charge separation: computational models
Quantum Dynamics of decay processes in photoexcited nucleobases and small oligomers: Towards the stimulation of time resolved sprectra
Modelling the bidimensional ultraviolet spectroscopy of structural and photoinduced processes in DNA systems and their aggregate
Synthesis of new fluorogenic compounds for click-labelled DNA
Low energy electron damage in DNA
UV-induced processes in guanine quadruplexes studied by time-resolved optical spectroscopy: from photon absorption to radical reactivity