Lab Experience

Science education gives students the opportunity to gain better knowledge of how and why things function. As part of the LightDyNAmics outreach and public engagement strategy, the LightDyNAmic ESRs developed Lab Experiences for students of different ages. Through Lab Experiences, students can learn about the surrounding world and enhance their curiosity. The proposed experiences offer three different approaches to enliven chemistry and/or physics lessons.

Select your experiment and visit the dedicated page to download the instructions and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of photochemistry with LightDyNAmics!

Different types of luminescence

This experiment explores the three different types of luminescence: photoluminescence, chemiluminescence and triboluminescence.

Appropriate for students
aged between 15-18

Subject of the experiment
Luminescence, photoluminescence

Length: 60 minutes

This experiment is set to promote understanding on concepts of light absorption, fluorescence, and photochromism.

Appropriate for students
over 12

Subject of the experiment
Photochromism, light absorption

Length: 60 minutes

In this laboratory experience, students will gain basic knowledge on absorption spectroscopy with a simple, low-cost instrument using interlocking bricks and few optical components that can function as both a spectrophotometer and fluorometer.

Appropriate for students between 20-25

Subject of the experiment: Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Length: 150 minutes