Different types of luminescence

ESRs involved: ESR 4: Haritha Asha, ESR 6: Katerina Peterková, ESR 7: Evangelos Balanikas, ESR 13: Luis Montiel Campanón

Age recommendation
Appropriate for students aged between 15-18

Subject of the experiment
Chemistry and Physics

60 minutes


In nature, there are different ways that light can be emitted. There are substances that can emit light chemically, mechanically or by light excitation. If for example we shine light to a chemical substance we can observe its emittance, because its chemical structure changes.


  • Identify the different kinds of Luminescence
  • Differentiate between the various kinds of Luminescence
  • Understand fluorescence emission and inner filter effect


This experiment explores the three different types of luminescence: photoluminescence, chemiluminescence and triboluminescence. Students will be able to identify and differentiate between the three types of luminescence and build an understanding of fluorescence emission and inner filter effect through their own application.