ESR 12: Filipp Streshnev

Analysis of the mutagenicity and repair of light induced lesions

LightDyNAmics Research

DNA lesions formed at epigenetic sites have likely totally new mutagenic potential and they may be differently repaired. Filipp will perform primer extension studies with lesion containing oligonucleotides to evaluate mutagenicity. Repair of the light induced lesions will be studied with DNA photolyases as well as recognition of the lesion with the NER protein with XPA.

Scientific Background

2011-2015 – Bachelor degree in Chemical Technology at Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology

2015-2018 – Master degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Master thesis titled “Synthesis and antiviral activity of non-nucleoside derivatives of perylene” carried out at Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow.

In 2018 Filipp joined Carell group to start a PhD in the area of chemistry of nucleic acids. His previous experience included mainly organic synthesis with minor use of biological skills and analytic techniques. As a PhD student he wants to expand his set of skills and knowledge towards chemical biology.

Scientific Publications