ESR 8: Mark Stitch

Direct and photosensitised damage of non-canonical DNA structures

LightDyNAmics Research

The research will focus on investigating the light activated processes that occur in non-canonical DNA structures due to (1) direct excitation by UV light and (2) indirect “sensitised” processes that arise due to the presence of a bound photoactive molecule. In particular, the C-rich i-motif, and G-rich quadruplex structures will be studied, and their photo-processes studied using both steady-state and ultrafast transient spectroscopic techniques.

Scientific Background

MChem master’s degree in chemistry with industrial training from Newcastle University (UK) in 2018. The master’s research project focused on assessing fluorescent probes for their binding affinity to Amyloid beta for the diagnostics of Alzheimer’s disease. This degree also included a Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) funded placement year working for the water treatment company (Scotmas ltd), this research focused on large scale flow chemistry.

Scientific Publications