LightDyNAmics provided 15 ESRs with unique multidisciplinary scientific training by teaching them key techniques, technologies and theories from both computational and experimental approaches to the study light/soft-matter interaction as well as transferable and business skills training.

The main training elements included: 

  • Lab-based research in some of Europe’s leading and well-equipped labs for quantum/molecular mechanical calculations, molecular dynamic simulations, chemometrics, pump-probe spectroscopy, mass-spectrometry, non-linear electronic spectroscopy and click chemistry.
  • Network-wide events such as the annual LightDyNAmics Weeks with 5 modules and the Technology Training Camps, including scientific, technological and transferable skills training elements.
  • Transferable skills, including complementary technical skills and generic skills, such as IP and innovation management, tailored to the specific needs of the ESRs.
  • Wider Horizon Days at the annual LightDyNAmics Weeks which encouraged ESRs to apply technologies, techniques and theories learned during their PhD programmes to other fields.
  • Industry-academia collaboration through business focussed workshops and intersectoral secondments.
  • International exposure at conferences and Wider Horizon Days facilitated networking and exchange of knowledge beyond the consortium.