ESR 13: Luis Montiel Campanón

Synthesis of new fluorogenic compounds for click-labelled DNA

LightDyNAmics Research

Copper catalysed click reactions (CuAAC) are widely used for modifying nucleic acids, due to their efficiency and simplicity. Following this approach, the main focus of the PhD will be the synthesis of new clickable fluorogenic compounds for DNA labelling. Furthermore, these compounds will be studied in biological samples for cell proliferation analyses to develop:

  • Click-labelled DNA displaying a significantly improved signal intensity and enhanced signal to noise ratios.
  • Fluorogenic compounds capable to speed up the CuAAC, allowing to reduce the total copper concentration and still achieve good reaction rates.

New fluorescent probes which present fluorogenic and/or photo induced properties only after click reaction.

Scientific Background

2017-2018: Master’s degree in Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Design from Rovira i Virgili University (URV) and the Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Tarragona (Spain). Master thesis in homogeneous catalysis titled Synthesis and characterization of iridium photosensitizers and their effect in hydrogen evolution vs acetophenone reduction.

2013-2017: Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Rovira i Virgili University. Bachelor thesis in coordination chemistry titled Synthesis and characterization of {CoIII2DyIII2} and {VIII2DyIII2} Single Molecule Magnets. The thesis was carried out at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) thanks to an Erasmus+ programme.

2016: Research on the rhodium-catalysed asymmetric hydroaminomethylation reaction as a PhD assistant. The project was carried out in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Rovira i Virgili University.

Scientific Publications