The 2nd LightDyNAmics Week was scheduled to be hosted by the Slovenian NMR Centre, National Institute of Chemistry, in the beautiful city of Ljubljana. The COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately made meeting in person impossible, which is why the whole event was split in two parts.

Part 1: ESR updates

The first part of the 2nd LightDyNAmics week was held 28-29 October 2020. The two days were mainly dedicated on updating the entire consortium on the progress of the individual ESRs. Have a look at the detailed agenda of the first two days.

Part 2: Wider Horizon Day & Workshop

As travel restrictions remain in place in most of Europe, the second part of the 2nd LightDyNAmics week will be held on 30 April 2021. The second part includes the second Wider Horizon Day led by Bruno Robert, I2BC-Paris-Saclay. The Wider Horizon lecture is called “Excitation Energy Transfers in Photosynthesis”. The event also includes a workshop on “Design Experiments for Teaching – From Research to Daily Life”. In this workshop, the ESRs will learn how to translate their research into teaching for school children – a very useful transferable skill.