Dr. Thomas Frischmuth

B12: Baseclick GmbH, Germany


​Dr. Thomas Frischmuth holds a PhD in biology. In his career he worked for 15 years as scientist (Associate Professor) in the molecular biology and biotechnology fields where he has supervised 28 students and was responsible for 10 granted projects (DFG, EU and private). For the last 14 years he was acting director for several life science venture funds and manager of small and medium size companies including baseclick GmbH where he is the chief executive officer (CEO). Besides, Dr. Thomas Frischmuth is reviewer for the BMWi, BMBF, German Israel Foundation, USDA Department and various journals.


Role in LightDyNAmics

Supervisor of ESR13

Selected Publications

  1. WO 2006/117161: New labelling strategies for the sensitive detection of analytes.
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