Successful Introduction Week

The LightDyNAmics training event was held in Naples, Italy, where ESRs were introduced to the field of light/soft-matter interaction, basic principles of genetics, DNA and RNA structure through a mix of lectures and exercises and also presented their research topic.

First ESRs have started their positions

So far, nine of the total 15 LightDyNAmics ESRs have started their positions with the respective Beneficiaries. The ESRs will spend a total of three years on the project and will get trained in the area of light/soft-matter interaction. Apart from the training they receive through their local research projects, each ESR will also be […]

Official start of the project

LightDyNAmics has officially started on 1 April 2018. The project will be coordinated by Dr. Roberto Improta of the Consiglio Nazionale dell Ricerche in Naples, Italy. The project includes 13 Beneficiaries from eight European Countries. The European Training Network will offer 15 PhD positions in the field of light/soft-matter interaction.

Kick-off meeting

The LightDyNamic kick-off meeting was held on the 22 January 2018 online. The meeting took approximately two hours and the following content has been discussed: The first time the consortium and the ESR’s are going to meet face-to-face in during the introduction week in January 2019.