From 15 to 17 November, the third LightDyNAmics week takes place at the Institut de Chimie Physique (Université Paris-Saclay). It’s the first event since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with in-person participation, making it an exceptional occasion for ESRs to be involved in many activities the programme offers, including training, meetings, and workshops.

Some of the many programme highlights:

Wider Horizon Days:
To explore potential applications and fully exploit the LightDyNAmics innovations, during Wider Horizon Day 3, our ESRs get insight into imaging the dynamics of protein nucleic acid interactions provided by David Rueda (Imperial).

Day of Light & Matter:
All our ESRs have been working on the organisation of the “Day of Light and Matter” under the leadership of Prof. Dimitra Markovitsi (CNRS), whose keynote lecture “A European pathway between order and disorder in the search of light” closes the session on 16 November. During the “Day of Light and Matter”, researchers and research projects from related fields are brought together to discuss potential applications of the LightDyNAmics results in their topics.

Science Slam Workshop
As part of the Science Slams, all our ESRs have developed a 5-minute Science Slam on their research topic. The pitches will be recorded and later published to not only provide an educational resource for a wide range of end-users, but to raise awareness on MSCA and LightDyNAmics research.

Stay tuned to our news on the 3rd LightDyNAmics week’s outcomes and Science Slam videos! ​