The exciting second LightDyNAmics webinar took place yesterday, 22 July 2020 over Zoom. All ESRs and PIs were able to enjoy three interesting talks from three of our ESRs. Elena (ESR9) started the webinar with her talk on “Site-specific phot-oxidation of the isolated adenosine-5′-triphosphate dianion determined by photoelectron imaging”. The talk was based on research she performed in collaboration with Davide (ESR10). Eveliina (ESR11) then gave an interesting update on her research titled “Damage and repari of DNA containing new epigenetic bases fC and caC”. Mark (ESR8) rounded off the webinar with his discussion of the Archer et al. paper “A dinuclear ruthenium (ii) phototherapeutic that targets duplex and quadruplex DNA“.