Last Week, from 17-21 February 2020, the first Technology Training Camp for ESRs took place in Vienna, Austria. The event was hosted Leticia Gonzalez’ team of the University of Vienna. The Technology Training Camp has been designed to establish a common ground in experimental and computational approaches to explore light-DNA interaction. Establishing such common ground enables the ESR’s to better collaborate and successfully integrate computational and experimental approaches in their work.

While the consortium originally had planned to organise two seperate events, one for computational and one for the experimental approaches, we decided to merge the two trainings into one. This allowed for the better integration of computational and experimental training with significant pedagogical benefits. The event included lectures in the morning and laboratory exercises in the afternoon. The ESRs enjoyed not only the off state-of-the-art training but also the social aspects which are never forgotten in any of our meetings. Thanks to Leticia and Davide and the entire team at UNIVIE, the ESRs and PIs alike got to experience the city of Vienna at its best.